Friday, December 1, 2006

Thursday and Friday

Poor Mama. She had a whole post written last night, and lost it. She just didn't have the heart to type it out all over again! So we apologize for the delay in updates.

Yesterday could be called "Papa's Day of Pain", as pretty much everything hit him at once. He definitely needed his pain meds, especially for the ache in his ribs, and spent a lot of the day sleeping.

The doctor still felt that his progress was good enough to be sprung from the ICU today, so he is now in a regular room that overlooks the cross on Table Rock - a blessing. He has showered, taken some visitors (family), and is in such good spirits that he's actually been reminded to take his pain meds! He expresses his gratitude often - to be alive, to have such a wonderful outpouring of support, and to have family nearby.

Mama is spending the night tonight - just because she can! He's been downgraded to one nurse, not because he was naughty, of course, but because he is doing so well. I'm sure she feels like Papa should still have more nurses; but I'm positive that she is all he needs - good medicine!

There is definitely a different spirit to the room now that they have left the ICU. Everyone has a new bounce in their step - or shuffle, in Papa's case. (Can you bounce-shuffle?) We're praying for good rest for the next couple of days, and for everything to stay on track for a Sunday release date.

Something Mama mentioned to me that has been running through her mind all day - "How many people does it take to run a household without a Papa?" (I would add "and a Mama?") She's very thankful for Aaron and Dan, who have driven her to and fro, stayed with her so that she was never alone at any time, and shuttled the other children to their classes and jobs. We are all doing just fine at home - keeping up with the schoolwork, playing board games, rolling in the snow (well, not me. Brrrr.), watching movies, and eating yummy meals.

Everyone is anxious to have Papa home again so normal life (and Christmas decorating!) can continue. Thank you all for your prayers, your calls of support, and the wonderful dinners that are about to begin! God has blessed our family with you - may He bless you right back.

Elise for the Kircher Family


Anonymous said...

Kevin, We are both thinking of you and praying you will be out and about soon. You are blessed to have many friends and family that love and support you! Love from Colorado, Dale and Marj

Lawrence and Loki Bataluna said...

Kevin, Judy and the Kircher Clan;
Our prayers are with all of you, especially Kevin and Judy. We pray for a speedy recovery.
Loves and Kisses to all!!
Lawrence and Loki

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kirchers! What a surprise to hear of your latest "excitement"! It is such a blessing that God chose to leave Kevin with us - we praise Him for that, even though we know that it is much better to be with the Lord. Kevin, Ken and I (Diana) are praying for your speedy and complete recovery. Judy, we're praying for strength and peace for you. Thank you for letting us know about this blog!
Love you all!
Diana Pon