Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wednesday Night

Good Evening, Precious Ones!

I have sat at this computer tonight thinking about what I would write. I love being funny and I do feel sweet, funny laughter inside - but I think I'm too tired for it to come out- weird feeling. So - how about if I just write the facts.

Our day started before 5 as I wanted to arrive at the hospital before they took Kevin for final pre-op preparation. Well - it was too late to have any kind of a "serious" conversation with him, as he had already taken his happy drugs. I was met by a sweet, sleepy looking guy with a peaceful grin on his face. And that was wonderful, because he wasn't thinking about the details of what was ahead. He said he had had a night of sweet fellowship with the Lord with a little bit of sleep. What a blessing!

I did have a few moments to pray with him and I read him all of the scriptures that people had sent. The Chaplain came and told him to go to sleep thinking about something that made him happy - like the beach or the mountains - and that would be the first thoughts he would have when he woke up. Well - I do know what his thoughts were as he was drifting off, and it wasn't the beach or the mountains - but the Creator of the beaches and mountains! Amen!
And then they took him away.

I think Dan and I were totally unprepared for the moment he would be wheeled away. I am so glad that moment is over. We almost did ourselves some kind of permanent damage by stifling our tears. Our eyes have hurt all day - we should have just totally let the floodgates open at that moment instead of just off and on throughout the day.

Surgery was finished in under 4 hours. Everything went according to plan - a double bypass - I thought it was going to be a single. The Doctor said there were no surprises and his heart looked great and strong and the right size. He was very pleased. We were greatly relieved! A pacemaker is used after the surgery to allow them to regulate his heart should it need some help. I was looking for it on him tonight and couldn't find it. The nurse stated that it was there - but there had been no need to even turn it on - his heart was right on the beat without it!
He was supposed to be able to sit in a chair by this evening but was just too sleepy. The downside of that is that he wouldn't/couldn't wake up enough to use the breathing machine. They kept threatening to re-insert the ventilator and he answered that threat by just snoring louder! At that moment I realized that they had neglected to "fix" that little issue - snoring, that is - and I can't wait to have that "sound" back in my bed again!

They had to give him platelets because he has been continuing to bleed more than they liked. The blood is so thin for a heart patient - so this is not a surprising problem. The platelets make the blood more sticky and therefore, slow down loss of blood. They were considering giving him a second dose when the first round was beginning to work. Blood sugars are high and they are giving him insulin. That is just because of the stress on the body - not a normal problem for him. The sweet nurse promised to call me during the night if he started to wake up more and needed or wanted me there. She said he wasn't going to remember that I had been there at all today but she would vouch for me! She told me if I called her when I got home that she would put the phone up to his ear so I could tell him good night. I did that and I heard the first complete sentence come out of his mouth that I have heard all day. He said "This is pretty high-tech, huh?" I told him not to give the nurse any trouble during the night. He responded by saying he thought he would just sleep. Good boy! And then he finished off, in typical Papa fashion, by telling me to keep encouraging the children in their faith. Such a beautiful heart he carries for his children. We are all so aware of the gift this man is in our lives, as well as many others.

Thank you all for keeping us in your prayers! When I start praying for the specifics of things I believe he needs in the next couple of days and weeks, the list can go on and on. Thank you Jesus for surrounding and protecting us when we don't even know what we need! We can fully trust in his grace, mercy, faithfulness - and that list goes on and on and on...................

Thank you for the visits, and sitting with us in the waiting room, and your cards, and your flowers, and your care for our children, and this list goes on and on and on.......................
We so need each other!

Hope this letter was clear and not too much information. I think the last coffee I drank today was not decaf.

Under the Mercy! Judy, for the grateful Kircher Household

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