Sunday, December 3, 2006

He's Home!

One whole week ago - the major surgery wasn't until Wednesday - and he's already home! He looks wonderful, is managing the pain well with very little medication, and wants to sleep alot - as he should! I gave him a bell to call me when needed. He has rung it twice - and the children have gone running to him. I didn't even hear it. Over the years, I think I have learned to shut out alot of different noises (for survival reasons). Hopefully, I'll do better tomorrow in the race to see who can get to Papa the quickest!

I spent the last two nights with him at the hospital. Sure glad I did. The hospital was extremely busy, and little jobs just weren't getting done. I know he would not have asked a nurse for some of the things he needed. I had to correct an ICU nurse about the timing of his pain medications. He was sure I was wrong, checked his records, and oops! - I was right!

Kevin will be home for 6 weeks - ah-h-h - bliss! He is a delight to have around, and the children are going to love the time he gets to read to them - after he can stay awake!

I have asked myself "How many people does it take to run a house when a Papa is gone"? I can't even imagine how we would have managed if Kevin Hooper hadn't brought Elise and Eliana to us. They kept to a schedule, and I do believe, had alot of fun! I walked in the house late one night and made myself stop and look around to see what everyone was doing. My favorite tea cups and saucers were in the dish drain. Yes - they are for special occasions - and that means daily use. It was a delight to my heart to imagine the conversation that went on during tea.

Two young men were playing Playstation - probably getting rid of some extra emotion and energy. They were laughing - music to my ears. Caleb was checking out the latest sports information, headphones on and newspaper pages turning. Abbie has had finals and papers due this week. The poor girl has felt badly that all she could do was work and study. We have all encouraged her to just dig in and get done. That was her job this week. She believes that if her grades don't turn out too well this first semester, she'll always have the excuse of her Papa's surgery to blame. We were chatting yesterday about the fact that during her senior year she had testing the morning my Dad died. Talk about one distracted girl. Oh well - those grades got her into Who's Who of American High School Students - guess she's better than she thinks under pressure!

I have seen such maturity and sweetness from all of our children this past week. Poor Dana (who is 3 months pregnant, with very bad morning sickness) has also had the flu this past week and never once got to help out with the children or even go see Papa. Aaron said she was in tears yesterday. I saw two sons embracing as one saw Papa for the first time after surgery - leaving the rooms in tears - crying over what he had seen and also crying because he was so relieved. Daniel and Aaron have been my 6' 2" shadows this past week. Once they determined "from this time on, Mama is not to ever be alone". I tried to encourage them a couple of times to go and get some rest. You should have seen the look I got. I gave up. I was outnumbered - and they are large! Miss Bethany was a little mama, big sister, friend, cook and (I am assuming) Elise's right arm. And then there's Little Miss Madeline - constantly telling me "I miss Papa - oh, I miss you, too, but I really miss Papa". I saw something different this time. She has grown up some. In the past, it has been difficult for the two of us to be separated for any time. She did very well! And that is because her big sister was here, praying with her, playing with her, distracting her, and doing all of the things Mama usually does. What comfort that brought this household. I have tried to find words to thank Elise - they aren't coming - I am just so full of thankfulness to a God who cares so deeply about all of the things that concern us.

And finally, what a blessing and a joy it has been to connect with old friends throughout this - your prayers are felt. Everyone who has given rides, made phone calls, sent meals, and loved our children - you are worth more than gold. We are so thankful.

Soon, Kevin will write to you with his own hand! And we just might include some pictures - if you're very, very good. :)

Until then, please keep us in your prayers, as we keep you in ours.

Judy for the Kircher Family


Anonymous said...

Kevin & Judy, What great news! It is so good to know Kevin is on the mend! Praise God! You are reaping the harvest that comes from raising such Godly caring children and how blessed you are to have your grown children live nearby. We will continue to pray for you! Love, Marj and Dale

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home, Kevin! I have prayed for you this week, Php 4:7 -And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

I rejoice with you to hear your your excellent recovery so far, and the peace and love surrounding your family.

Bless you all! We love you!

The Reames Family

PS Congrats to Dana & Aaron on the new baby!!!