Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Papa - A Cautionary Tale

Just because your shirt covers your scar doesn't mean it magically disappeared. You mustn't walk three blocks when your wife thinks you are walking one. Walk up and down the stairs slowly, for heaven's sake. Take care in ringing that bell - wanting a kiss from your wife does not count as an urgent need. DO NOT quote or act out any Harvey Korman and Tim Conway skits, because you know it hurts to laugh so hard.

And as a reward for following these rules, bask in the Father's love. Dive into his grace, swim in his mercy. Revel in the life you have been given.

Papa is doing well - just resting, enjoying his family, overdoing it! because he feels so well.

In your prayers, please pray for his (and Mama's) wisdom in knowing when to rest, in being protective of their time as a family, and of course, continued healing for that great heart we all love.

Papa is compiling his thoughts from the past week. When it's posted, it's gonna be a doozy.

To help you wait until that time, here are a couple of pictures.

...and visiting with Maddie...

...now, go hug your loved ones!

Elise for the Kircher Family

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