Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Greetings, Everyone:

Just an update to let you know what the angiography (they didn't do an angioplasty, after all) revealed. Kevin has a main left artery with a blockage of 90%. The doctor could not do a stent in that area because the artery that is blocked feeds into more arteries (shaped like the letter "Y". Too tricky and probably would not have been good in the long run. So...........he will be having open heart surgery (bypass) tomorrow around 8:30 a.m.

We are so extremely grateful to God for protecting Kevin's heart by aborting the heart attack. The doc showed me a picture of Kevin's heart pumping beautifully, with no damage at all. Just that nasty old blockage. It was a reminder once again how blessed we are that God provided the way to get him help immediately. It was definitely heading toward a massive coronary with a high probability of death because of the location of blockage. The Great Physician has been at work all along! Rejoice with us!!!

Kevin does not do well, typically, with anything going wrong with his body. He is very sensitive to where he is hurting and can identify pain, the area of pain, the length of pain, the reason for pain.... well - you get it - don't you? But certainly the positive part of that "talent" was his being so aware of his pain yesterday that he moved quickly to get help. The negative part of that "talent" is - tonight his mind is doing overtime on what they are actually going to be doing to him tomorrow morning. I kind of wanted to see the video for patient preparation - but he didn't, so, we'll just experience it all tomorrow. What a cutie he is!

Before I left tonight, I told him I didn't know what his problem was - he gets to sleep through the surgery tomorrow - I'm the one that has to stay awake! He snarled at me - so that was the end of that conversation!

We have been surrounded by so many prayers, read your precious comments in emails, enveloped in so much love, and even seen a few of your sweet faces! How very beautiful is the Body of Christ! We love you and we'll keep in touch tomorrow.

Blessings on you ALL! Judy for the Kircher Household

P.S. I get to have Kevin home for 6 weeks! - I told him that was a sneaky way to get me to do all the driving in this family (can't drive because of danger of accidents to the chest area), I get to do all of the Christmas shopping, and it gets him out of a big weekend of work that was coming up. Flip side - he gets to help me with the schooling and I get to look at his sweet face! Not dreading that at all!

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