Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Kevin had a near heart attack yesterday - out of the blue. He was home on an extended Thanksgiving vacation, working with the kids, etc. I was out running errands. We chatted once about the schedule for the p.m., and he sounded great. When I left he was pleasantly reading the curriculum to the kids and Caleb was having a chess lesson. Two minutes after we had spoken, he called me back, and asked me to come home right away. It sounded like he was a wee bit angry (unusual for him). Now I realize he was dealing with pain and fear. When he told me his symptoms, I told him to call 9-1-1. He said "OK" and did it immediately.

I was in bad traffic coming home (of course), and feared I would see the ambulance leaving our house before I got there. I arrived home in time - they had things well under control, but it looked serious. They told me his EKG showed he was having a heart attack and they would be transporting him to Meridian St. Luke's. Dan arrived home about then, and Abbie was home also, so I was able to leave the children in good hands.

After arriving at the ER, they continued to administer meds and do tests. He was not showing any output of the enzyme that shows up when you have a heart attack. They said that was excellent, and that he was one lucky dude and should run out and buy a lottery ticket - yea - right - it's all about luck, you know! They said the enzyme could still show up in the afternoon blood draw - but it looked good at that point. They moved him up to CCU, and continue to monitor him at this time. The tests came back showing he has a blockage (we're praying it will be one or NONE), and they will be doing an angioplasty this a.m. The second blood test came back negative for the enzyme and the Doc said he believes the heart attack was aborted and that there will be no heart damage. We're believing that will be true as the day progresses. We believe (and the Doc will talk to us more about this later) that his cholesterol (up and down) for years has been the issue.

They said that he has been doing very well with diet and exercise, and this could have happened sooner and more severely if he hadn't been taking good care of himself - so we will not look back and second guess our refusing cholesterol lowering drugs, etc. We move on from today - that's all! He knows Dr. Watt's is going to fillet him when he hears what has happened.. can't wait for that...!

Anyway, I'll let you know how things go today. We've seen God's hand all over this situation - it could have been so much worse. We've been to Midvale, out of phone range, in backed up 4 hour traffic delays in Midvale with ice over the pass, etc., with a trip planned to Midvale YESTERDAY - not Sunday as previously planned. It's all good!

I am so thankful that Kevin was willing to get help right away. We have had the conversation many times, that if he even suspects chest pains might be related to indigestion, etc., that he is to get to ER. They would rather diagnose that, than deal with a too-late heart attack! We did have to run around the neighborhood looking for aspirin. He had some in his gym bag, but that was in the car that Dan was borrowing. Oh well - it all worked out.

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and this time finds you all peaceful! Check out Bethany's blog site! It has some pictures of our Thanksgiving. Her site is called "For His Glory". She is loving taking pictures and is showing great ability with her eyes and writing. It's fun watching her put it all together.

Blessings on you all! I'll be in touch! Judy

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