Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Heigh Ho – Heigh Ho . . .

(If you are in this web site for the first time and want to read about my thoughts about surgery, go to the article entitled “Morning by morning” for that post.)

Yes, it’s off to work I go! Tomorrow, as a matter of fact. No more excuses, no more delays.

Once my physical problem was identified, it was doctors and nurses, medical technicians and assistants, who worked hard and effectively on behalf of my health and well-being. Meanwhile, our daughter Elise disrupted her life and family to come live at our house (assisted by younger sisters), freeing Judy to take care of her man, and our sons determined to be Mom’s escort. All great blessings – all essential to healing.

Then it was a multi-faceted parade of support, coming in the form of prayers, cards, flowers and plants, and meals – lots of meals. That steady stream was a thing of great encouragement and practical help that greased the wheels of the healing express.

Then, while the expressions of love and care continued, it was simply long, quiet days of recuperation, aided and abetted by the policy of an enlightened employer, St. Luke’s, which has taken this into account in its employee management. David, my manager, and Erin, Matt, Tory and Zane, my co-workers, took all of the care and concern away. They managed my e-mail, kept the customers satisfied, moved the office to a new location, and did it all with equanimity and grace.

Do I look forward to work? On several levels – yes. But I mostly look forward to spending time again with my colleagues in a vibrant and satisfying environment. They have carried the load, and I am most grateful. Reunion will be sweet. Will probably involve coffee.

I am feeling very well, thank you. My strength continues to broaden, and my energy level is more robust. Even the problems with my lower back and legs (numbness) are being alleviated by chiropractic care and a lot of stretching.

Mostly, I am simply overcome with gratitude. Gratitude to the many that have simply done what they could to let us know they cared. Thankfulness for the many ways that practical help was given. Joy at the thought of so many smiling and loving faces that represents a cloud of witnesses, as it were.

But over all, under all, surrounding all, is the overwhelming Presence and care of the Lord in my life. How merciful, how gracious, how encouraging He has been in this time. He has ministered a thousand ways, through so many helping hands and eager faces. How can we ever say how grateful this makes us?

So we live for Him!


T&LC said...

kevin..it hardly seems possible that it's time to go back to work. It seems rather soon...so glad that you are doing so well.A favorite song (my Dad sang)now my son just learned at school & reminded me.."Victory, Victory precious blood bought victory. Victory, victory all the time. As Jehovah liveth, strength divine He giveth, & to those who trust Him victory all the time." YESSS. God bless you & all that He is directing you & the fam. Love T&L

Elise said...

Papa. How merciful he has been to US, and everyone who knows you, to spare you. And to give you more years to speak into our lives.
I'm thankful that work at your job has begun again, and normalcy is creeping over the home.
Just don't forget to offset the normal with crazy! Laughter, that is.
Love you.